Bernhard Scherzer - My Life Testimony
Testimony about Spiritual Healing and Deliverance (12 Dec 2012)

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My name is Bernhard Scherzer. Today I want to give testimony about my encounter with Erika Gibello and how my life has changed since then.

I grew up as a child with my twin sister, my loving mother and my father in a place north of Vienna. My father was a severe alcoholic at the time of my childhood and made life very difficult for us.
In my adolescence I also had a few problems at the school I attended. I did have very good grades, but was often teased by the majority of my classmates because of it. My sister, who was also in my class, had a similar experience. The teasing continued for the first two years until I decided to put an end to it. In the third grade, I met the boyfriend of a friend from my village, whose personality fascinated me. I imitated his gestures and felt guided. But by the time I realised what bad qualities this "friend" had, it was too late.
We often talked about drugs and how cool they were. So, without anyone knowing, I decided to live my life without God, partly because my classmates hurt me a lot and partly because of my father. I decided to be bad, because I thought then I would be strong. I noticed that the opposite was the case. I consecrated myself to Satan and took drugs. This all happened in the Easter week of 97' and during that time I had run away from home, was abroad and then back with the said friend.

The effects of this action lasted until this year. I am now 33 years old and was 17 at the time. This period of time was truly a time of suffering. I was in inpatient treatment for about 3 to 4 years. I tried to commit suicide several times to end the unbearable mental suffering, but my guardian angel always saved me from death. I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in 2001 and from then on I took tablets which were supposed to help me against it, resp. I took them more or less. During this time I often had psychotic, delusional states which frequently lasted for three to four months. My mother, who is very pious, always saved me from the worst with her endless prayers. Since she deals a lot with religious matters, one day she told me about Father Rufus Pereira and Erika Gibello, that both were endowed with special charisms and would also be active in deliverance.
Since I felt somehow trapped all the time, I thought I want to finally get rid of my present burdens and make sure that evil no longer has any power over me.
And so I registered for the retreat, which should have taken place in Vienna. But three months before it was to begin, I learned that Father Rufus Pereira had suddenly died in London. I buried all my hopes again and fell into a deep hole. But when I was informed some time later that Erika Gibello nevertheless wanted to hold the retreat I regained hope, which brought my life back on an upward trajectory. So I went to the said retreat in August 2012.

I can remember the first meeting with Erika. It was on the first day of this seminar. When she gave her first lecture, I noticed that something inside me was resisting tremendously, so that I wanted to swear at Erika. But before this evil power in me came to effect, I looked to the front to Erika. I only noticed that she said "no", and suddenly the evil spirit in me disappeared and I felt free and very comfortable. Then I said to myself, "Yes, Erika can help me". And on that same evening I noticed how I suddenly had a different perspective on life.
I was allowed to have a personal conversation with Erika - two very dear people had made it possible for me to have my turn a little earlier. At Erika's request and before the counselling, I had put all the drastic events and feelings of my life up to that point down on paper, which had been connected to my parents, grandparents and fellow human beings.
When I sat opposite Erika, we had a detailed conversation and I shared all my thoughts and feelings with her. She listened to me attentively and suggested that I go to confession before she prayed for me.
When I had left Erika's room again, a priest approached me and I was allowed to confess with him straight away.
On the next morning, I spotted Erika and quickly went to her. I wanted to ask her for her prayer, which she had promised me. She told me that I looked fresh and well today. She started to pray for me and I cannot describe what was happening, but after this prayer of deliverance I was a different person. I felt better than I had felt in a decade. I was free for God again. And I still have that feeling today and that's how I know that I am truly free.

I really would like to encourage all people who have a similar experience and tell them that God alone can heal everything and turn the bad back into good. Erika is His instrument and she has given me deliverance through God's help. My psyche is also doing well again. I no longer have paranoid episodes (persecution ideas, delusions). I also pray again and regularly attend Holy Mass on Sunday, and I confess at least once a month.

I can only heartily recommend to everyone who has a mental illness to go for counselling with Erika and to make use of her prayers of deliverance.

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