Emelita Almanzor  - My Deliverance and Healing
The Lord is my Light and my Salvation
Written on 7 February 2014

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My name is Emelita Almanzor, I come from the Philippines from the province of Batangas, 90 km away from the capital Manila. My parents are farmers and I have five sisters and three brothers. Although my family call themselves Catholic, they are not faithful. They go to church when there is a baptism, wedding or funeral. They neither go to Holy Confession. Nevertheless, my siblings and I at least went to a Catholic school.

For my parents, it is of utmost importance to have money and possessions. They worked on the farm every day and we also had to work very hard at that time. My parents were very strict with us children - as in the military - and we grew up with work and obligations.
My parents argued a lot and even lived apart for a year. My father is a dominant and proud person and often is very angry, whereas my mother is a rather weak appearance, very thrifty and hardworking, working day and night, but she can also get very angry. But even among us siblings there were arguments every day.

When I met my current husband, my parents and some of my siblings were totally against him because he came from a poor family. There was the opportunity to leave for Vienna to work there. After that time, it was about a year, I had to go back to the Philippines and my husband and I got married there in 1987 in a civil and church ceremony. My family rigorously rejected us, they tried to separate us several times, there was slander and even attempted murder.

Two months after our wedding I went back to Vienna because I had been offered a job and had to organise everything for my future work. My husband stayed in the Philippines for the time being and only joined me after two years. We wanted to lead an independent life here in Austria and start our own family....

My husband and I lead a very good marriage and despite this extreme rejection, he tried everything to change my family's mind in a positive way, but unfortunately never succeeded. We also had to fight several difficulties here in Vienna, my son was difficult to raise, I had a miscarriage, but then we had a daughter.
Three of my siblings are terribly jealous of me, but I can't explain why. Because of various problems and quarrels with them, I attended a retreat by Br. Thomas Paul in 2002 and was very enthusiastic about it. Since then I have attended retreats several times and have received physical healings from sinusitis and hip pain.

In December 2010, my back suddenly began to ache and at first I thought it was a perfectly normal discomfort, perhaps due to overwork, but then unimaginable pain followed, which doctors then diagnosed as protrusions (change in the intervertebral discs) and later as a slipped disc. No doctor could help me, other doctors again diagnosed me with severe depression. The time came when I had no more strength and felt like dying. I had to endure several hospital stays in the pain department, but there was no improvement on the horizon. Overall, I was on sick leave for a whole year.

In October 2011, I attended a retreat by Father Rufus Pereira for Inner Healing and Deliverance in Vienna. It was my first retreat with him.

The first evening there was only a short lecture on Inner Healing, but the next day Fr. Rufus individually prayed for my healing in the evening after Holy Mass. I told him about my back pain and my slipped disc and he prayed while holding his left hand to my head, his right hand to my lumbar spine. I suddenly felt a nausea, a knocking in the vertebrae from the neck area to the lumbar spine and I fell to the ground. The knocking in each vertebra became stronger, my eyes were closed and I could no longer open them. When I was able to open my eyes again a while later, I saw the hands of many people around me trying to help me get up. Father Rufus was looking at me all the time, although there was a family from Portugal kneeling in front of him who also urgently needed his help.

Father Rufus shouted loudly for all to hear, "What do the doctors here in Vienna say about this woman? Can they not heal?"

Then he turned back to me and said, "Come and sit down!" I walked back and forth in front of him, unable to sit down. He took me by the hand and led me to a chair. Father Rufus had also taken a seat and I sat down on the chair in front of him and put my hands on his knees. He asked me what was wrong with me. But I could not speak and suddenly began to sob and cry as loudly as I had never done in my life. Father Rufus called his long-time co-worker Mrs. Erika Gibello to come and tell me what was wrong with me. Mrs. Erika came over with my note in her hand and said, "This poor woman, she was so hated by her parents and family members that they used black magic and occult practices against her. This is why she is so sick and suffering. Everything she did for her family, for her siblings, sister-in-law and brother-in-law to reconcile them was not enough.

Then suddenly I was able to open my lips again and told about my martyrdom that I had to go through from childhood, about my enemies, who I hated, who hurt me . . . I began to forgive single people and also said this out aloud. To the side of me there sat a woman who had been trembling all the time and she spoke to me in various strange voices, "No, you mustn't forgive, hey, hey, hey...". Every time I started to talk about forgiveness again, she kept interrupting me and said, "No, you mustn't forgive" and laughed maliciously. It went on like that for quite a while.

In the meantime, Father Rufus asked me if I was finished with what I had to say, to which I answered "No". I asked him to listen to me and told him about my dreams of Jesus, His mercy and of Our Lady. Then I forgave more people who had hurt me until the woman next to me finally said that we should stop now because she was no longer able to go on.

In the meantime I was feeling much better and I thanked Father Rufus, who had prayed for me all the time, and kissed him with joy. As it had turned very late and there were only a few retreatants left, I then left the church. When I got home, I had hardly understood what had happened to me. But I felt delivered from a big burden and was full of joy.

On the last day of the retreat, Father Rufus explained to me what had happened to me and to this woman. There had been a battle between Jesus and Satan, who is real in this world, a battle between good and evil. Jesus had been present in me and Satan in this woman, because God wanted to show in both of us that Jesus and also Satan really exist and that Jesus has defeated him. Father Rufus said that I made a good confession in front of the people in the church, in front of him and Mrs. Erika, that evening when everything happened.

Father Rufus told me that I did not need to go to the doctor because he would treat me wrongly anyway. Four things I would have to do:
1. repent of all sins
2. forgive all those who have hurt or offended me and also those who put me in this unfortunate situation with evil magic and occultism.
3. pray
4. praise God

After the retreat, my healing progressed slowly but steadily until I was fully recovered. My longstanding, severe allergies were also healed. I have been able to work again since April 2012.

Praise the Lord with all the sufferings, pains, problems, difficulties, illnesses, enemies, etc. I have had in my life. If we fully surrender to Jesus Christ and Our Lady, always trust God, repent our sins and forgive our enemies and always ask for God's help, the Lord will take care of everything for us. He is our healer, he forgives our sins and heals all our diseases (according to Ps. 103/3).

Fr Rufus passed away in May 2012. The following retreats were held by Mrs. Erika Gibello at the Marianneum in Vienna and I participated each time.

I am also very grateful that my "prodigal son" was with Mrs. Erika in 2012, because since then his life has changed decisively.

Thank you, Jesus, Amen!

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