Anna Maria Hellmann
Two Healing Testimonies with Lourdes Water

Written down on 16 Nov 2013

heilige familie

Mrs. Cäcilia S., then 78 years old, had sustained an injury to her left knee after a fall in the nursing home. The bursa was also open. When I first saw the knee, there was a thick black crust covering everything. The doctor's letter recommended resp. ordered surgical removal, or amputation if necessary.

This woman used to go to mass every day at 8:00 am. Now she could no longer leave the house. It hurt my heart that she could no longer go to church. So I prayed and changed the bandages every day for the first few weeks, which had to be done in a highly sterile way. The injury looked bad. The general practitioner had looked at the knee rather wordlessly during the many home visits. I asked Mrs. Cäcilia S. if she agreed to Lourdes water being run under the bandage. She looked worriedly at her knee and agreed. I wanted to bring "fresher" Lourdes water; she however, had still kept "older" much "older" Lourdes water. After the highly sterile bandage change, she then poured Lourdes water into the bandage. I had applied the bandage in such a way that the water could not run down the side of the knee or leg. During the application of Lourdes water, I sat or knelt next to her and we prayed to the Immaculate Conception, Our Lady of Lourdes, and asked Saint Bernadette Soubirous for her help and intercession. We assured Mary of our love in the event of healing and also in the event that God should not grant physical healing. In spirit I went to the grotto every time: when I saw Our Lady, with my spiritual memory, indeed when I approached the grotto in spirit, my heart beat faster and my breathing frequency increased a little. During the prayer, Mrs. Cecilia said that it became pleasantly warm under my hand. She had the feeling that the circulation of the knee was being restored. I did not understand that suddenly my hand turned warm and then it was the same as before. I only experienced this process in prayer and could not cause it or control it. Hail Mary!
After three months, the knee was like new! I had gradually removed the crust from the rim! After this healing, the knee was more beautiful than the previously healthy right knee. It was without scars and freely movable. She could walk again, from the first floor down the wooden stairs to the front door, and with a Zimmer frame she could walk the way to church which was a long way for these circumstances.
That was a few years ago. Cecilia was able to walk to church for some time, but then she passed away because she had a very weak heart.


I myself had a devilish encounter a few years ago with an etching pen (also called hell pen), which is normally used to remove skin growths or warts.
At the time, I was responsible for planting a narrow strip in front of an apartment complex (apartment building with 6 units). One day I was busy planting flowers. As I was digging in the soil with my hand, my glove suddenly burnt through and a hole formed in my metacarpus. I had garden soil in the open wound. I had come into contact with an etching pen that someone had carelessly thrown away.
The hand became inflamed, first locally, then dark red over a large area, like gum inflammation, and darker, then the inflammation spread further over the wrist. I saw my hand and knew the doctors' practice. That they would take my hand was all too likely. In my great distress, I remembered the Lourdes water which my late husband, who was a paramedic, had brought with him during a Lourdes pilgrimage by soldiers some years ago.
In trusting prayer, I looked at my hand and poured the Lourdes water into that hole in my hand (it was deep, but not all the way through). It felt good: no pain, only relief, . ... the hole and the flesh became lighter step by step. After three to four hours the inflammation had subsided and after a few days the hand was healed without scars: as beautiful and healthy as before!

Praise the Lord!

Miracle of the Sun in Heroldsbach

Mrs. Hellmann was in Heroldsbach (place of prayer, north of Nuremberg) on Sunday, 13 March 2011, where a miracle of the sun took place on that day.
Time of recording: Fatima Sunday, 13-03-2011 at 17:31.
Remarkable: Fatima Day on Sunday, and a miracle of the sun at the time when Our Lady often appeared to the children of Heroldsbach.

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