God is my Father

My Father in heaven, how encouraging and healing it is for me to know that You are my Father and I am Your child!
Especially when it is dark in my soul and my cross is heaviest to bear, I feel the need to tell You again and again: Father, I believe in Your love for me!

Yes, I believe that You are Father to me in every moment of my life and that I am Your child!
I believe that You love me with infinite love!
I believe that You watch over me day and night and that not a hair falls from my head without Your consent!
I believe that You, the All-Knowing One, know better than I what is good for me.
I believe that You, the Almighty, can also turn evil to good.
I believe that You, the infinitely kind One, make everything work out for the best in those who love You.
Even under beating hands I kiss Your healing hand.
I believe! But strengthen in me faith, hope and love!
Teach me to always see Your love as a teacher in all the events of my life.
Teach me, like a child in its mother's arms, to give myself completely to You.
Father, You know everything and You see everything. You know me better than I know myself: You are able to do everything and You love me!

My Father, because You want us always to turn to You with trust, I come to You to ask You with Jesus and Mary that . . . .
(ask for the desired grace . . .).
In this spirit and united with the Sacred Hearts, I offer You all my prayers, my sacrifices and renunciations, as well as all my actions.
Give me more constancy in the fulfilment of my tasks.
Give me the light, the grace and the power of the Holy Spirit!
Strengthen me in this Spirit, so that I may never lose Him, nor grieve Him, nor weaken Him in me.

My Father, in the name of Jesus, Your Son, I make this request.
And You, O Jesus, open Your Heart and place mine inside it, and united with the Heart of Mary, offer it to our Divine Father!
Implore for me the grace I need!

Divine Father, call all people to You. May the whole world proclaim Your fatherly goodness and Your divine mercy!
Be a loving Father to me and protect me at all times like the star of Your eye. Grant that I may always be worthy to be Your child:
Grant me Thy mercy!

Divine Father, loving hope of our souls, may all men recognise, adore and love Thee!
Divine Father, infinite goodness poured out on all peoples, may all people recognise, adore and love You!
Divine Father, life-giving dew of humanity, may all people recognise, adore and love You!

Mother Eugenia Elisabetta Ravasio

Prayed as a novena, the following should be added:
I give You my promise, especially during these nine days, to be more understanding and generous in a particular matter or towards a particular person.

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