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hl familiePrayer for the Family

Fervent Prayer of Deliverance and Protection

Lord Jesus Christ, into the wound of Your Most Sacred Heart I place myself and all the members of my family, as well as all unborn children and their parents. Humbly, I ask You to forgive us all our sins and form our hearts according to Your Heart, meekly and humbly.

I ask You to cover, purify and protect us and our families with Your Most Sacred Blood. May Your Most Sacred Blood heal all our wounds completely. Jesus Christ, You are the only Lord and our Ruler. You alone have perfect dominion over us and over all that we do.

Lord Jesus Christ, seal with Your Most Sacred Blood all the members of my family, our homes, the rooms in which we reside, all the people we meet and with whom we are together, all the means of transport we use, all the sources of income and all the material resources which are intended for us by God and which we already possess.

Merciful Jesus, bless with Your Blood the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe and the medicines (and supplements) we take.

Defend us from all the tribulations of the evil one. Cleanse and redeem with Your Blood every person we have harmed or injured in any way. Redeem anyone who has hurt us or done us wrong.

Jesus, kindle in us the fire of Your love towards our neighbour and towards all people, especially those whom we cannot bear and who are difficult for us. I ask You to let Your love, forgiveness as well as health of body and soul flow into all of them.

May Your Sacred Blood, O Jesus, break the power of any bad habits, negative words, thoughts, desires, feelings and offences among us. May it remove the consequential effects of the negative from the past.

Blessed Virgin Mary, I place myself and my family in the flame of love of Your Immaculate Heart. Take us all into Your bosom and cover us with Your mantle. With Your intercession protect us from all evil to spirit, body and soul.

Saint Joseph, all the Saints of God, all the Angels of God, Saint Michael, Saint Raphael and Saint Gabriel, our Guardian Angels, protect us and our families from all visible and invisible enemies, from all negativity and from all dangers. Protect us from mischief, misfortune and harm, from disasters, war and hardship, from illness and other difficulties. Protect us and guide us through life!

In the name of Jesus and believing in the power of the Blood of Christ, I break the power of all occult practices, all curses and cursing, all negative desires and thoughts, all negative actions and dreams, all negative spoken and unspoken words against me and the members of my family.

Through the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, I declare myself and all members of my family and relatives to be free and ready to accept all that God wants to give us. May Jesus' Blood cleanse us all and heal us with the power of the Holy Spirit.

In the name of Jesus and in the power of the Blood of Christ, I break all negative heritages of spirit, soul and body which have been or can be transmitted from our ancestors of all generations to us and our children (and grandchildren).

Jesus, with Your Sacred Blood purify (cleanse) and redeem all the departed souls of our family and all other people who have died, lead them to eternal perfection and receive them into Your Kingdom. Amen!

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