Prayer for Healing of the Emotions


In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Lord Jesus, show me, I pray, Your merciful love; come and heal all that needs healing in my past stage of life. You know me better than I know myself, for long before I was conceived You loved me with a unique love. From the beginning my life has been in Your hand. Touch me at the moment of my conception. If it did not take place in an atmosphere of love, in the parental desire to give me life, but rather under pressure, fear or the use of violence, heal me, O God of goodness and tenderness. Deliver me from everything that could have a negative influence on me and that instils in me a disgust for life or sometimes makes me wish for death.

Bless me at every stage of my growth as an embryo or foetus. Spread Your love in every corner of my heart.

If my mother, while expecting me, suffered from fears, torments or traumas, if I felt unwanted or rejected by her, if the father who fathered me, in turn, did not want me, come, my God, and let me feel how precious I am to You and how much You guard me: like the apple of my eye. May the Child Jesus in Mary's womb also make me leap for joy in the Holy Spirit, as the Child in Elizabeth's womb did at that time! Give me a great desire to be born and heal me from the physical and spiritual shock I may have experienced at birth when I burst into the world of men. By the power of Your love and grace, remove all the physical and psychological consequences caused by the wounds and traumas I experienced at that time.

Thank You, Lord, for being present to take me into Your protective arms. I bring You the first years of my childhood: surround them with Your light. If I suffered from the coldness of my father or my mother, if they did not give me the love and security I needed, if I lacked maternal affection and comforting caresses, send me your mother to take me in her arms and cradle me in them, to nourish me with her tenderness.

That she may accept me as I am, with my childish weaknesses, and that Jesus may come and embrace me, bless me and lay His hands on me, as He did when the disciples reproached the children who wanted to come to Him (cf. Mk 10:13-16). If I felt constricted by my mother's overly possessive love or crushed by my father's authority, deliver me, Jesus, and also heal the painful memories of their arguments, of their marital tensions, which upset my childlike emotional world and made me afraid and fearful that the two of them might separate and leave me alone.

With all my heart, Lord, I forgive my parents for the hurt that may have come from their actions, words or behaviour. I rejoice and thank You, Lord, for the assurance You have given me, namely that "You will take me up even when my father and mother forsake me" (Ps 27:10) and that "You will not forget me" (Is 49:15).

Lord Jesus, who gave me my Father: let me be filled with blissful love through the Holy Spirit and become so free that I can cry out with my whole being, "Abba, Father!" When I felt abandoned, lonely and rejected by my loved one or people I counted on, give me a sense of my dignity and a wise appreciation of myself through Your healing love (cf. Rom 12:3). Be my consolation where others have not dealt lovingly with me.

Deliver me, Almighty Father, from the burden of all curses from parents, ancestors or sorcerers, which may be the cause of my failures, my illnesses or disappointments.

Give me confidence and new courage to face the challenges of this world. I know that Your love, my Father, will sustain me when I stumble and fall. Heal the wounds from struggles that have traumatised me and caused me to isolate myself and put up barriers between myself and others.

Heal my wounds that lie deep within me, that have made me hard and that I have repressed: wounds of jealousy towards those who were preferred to me in the family or at school; wounds of indignation, humiliation, injustice, loneliness, bitterness at being sidelined; wounds of ridicule, insult or slander.

Lord Jesus, give me the grace to forgive those who have not loved me and to absolve them of all guilt towards me. Heal me of all the disorders and traumas of my childhood or adolescence, when I discovered my body, love and sexuality: restlessness, shame, accusation. Wash away all the stains of body and soul and heal the wounds inflicted on me when I was abused, when my physical purity was violated, when sexual perversions imposed bonds on me that prevent me from having real relationships that are pleasing to You. Help me to accept myself as a man or a woman in spite of this.

May the Virgin Mary, the pure Mother, the Immaculate Conception pray for me and heal me of these disorders. Heal me Lord from the wounds of my emotional life, in connection with crushes that were offensive or for some reason did not find fulfilment.

Teach me Lord to surrender to Your love that satisfies my longing to love and be loved; teach me to surrender to You what has been a mishap in terms of my vocation, my professional or social commitment, my emotional life or my married life.

Thank you, Lord, for standing by me in my childhood and teenage years with your light and truth.

Forgive me when I occasionally forget about You, when I think that You no longer love me and have left me alone in my suffering.

Heal me of the guilt I feel towards You: out of fear of being condemned or punished, because of my rebellion against You when You allowed
that people I loved most died, abandoned me or betrayed me.

Forgive me for destructive experiences where I may have abandoned myself to alcohol, drugs or pornography. Heal me of bonds I may have contracted through techniques of mental concentration, or by trying to find a solution to my problems in occultism, spiritualism or esotericism.

Lord, I invoke Your Sacred Wounds that they may heal me; I invoke Your Sacred Blood, which was shed freely for love of me on the Cross, that I may obtain pardon and be cleansed of my sins.

Grant me Your mercy, Lord! I thank You for Your great love for me. Renew me and give me anew the grace to love and to develop in Your love. Heal my unconscious mind. I surrender myself completely to You: body, mind and spirit. Into Your hands I place my ideas, my feelings, my words, my behaviour, all my abilities, but also all my weaknesses, my wounds, my limitations, my tepidity, my hardened heart, even the hatred that is within me. Illuminate all this with your light so that it may turn into acts of love, tenderness and peace.

Jesus! My past and my future rest in Your Merciful Heart today. My wounds are no longer wounds, for Your immeasurable love has healed them; on the contrary, they have become experiences on which my future with You is built.

Thank You, Jesus, that You have done such good to me and saved me.
Hallelujah. Amen.

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