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“For he will give his angels charge of you to guard you in all your ways. On their hands they will bear you up, lest you dash your foot against a stone. You will tread on the lion and the adder, the young lion and the serpent you will trample under foot.“ (Psalm 91:11-13)

The Holy Angels in The Life of The Church

St. John XXIII
“Our faith teaches us that none of us is alone. As soon as the soul for a new human being has been created by God, and particularly when the grace of the sacraments covers it with indiscribable light, an angel from among the holy hosts of the heavenly spirits is called to stay on the side of this soul, namely for the duration of its whole pilgrimage on earth.“

Texts from the Holy Scripture
From childhood on (compare Matthew 18:10) to death (compare Luke 16:22) the angels with their care (Psalms 34:8; 91:10-13) and intercession surround the life of man (Job 33:23-24; Zechariah 1:12; Tobit 12:12). “From its beginning until death, human life is surrounded by their watchful care and intercession. Beside each believer stands an angel as protector and shepherd leading him to life.“ (St. Basil). Already here on earth the Christian life shares by faith in the blessed company of angels and men united in God (CCC Nr. 336).

What are Holy Angels?
Angels are pure spiritual creatures of God who have understanding and will. They have no bodies, cannot die, and are usually not visible. They live constantly in God's presence and convey God's will and God's protection to men. (Youcat Nr. 54)

Can we interact with Angels?
Yes. We can call on angels for help and ask them to intercede with God. Every person receives from God a guardian angel. It is good and sensible to pray to one’s guardian angel for oneself and for others. Angels can also make themselves noticeable in the life of a Christian, for example, as bearers of a message or as helpful guides. Our faith has nothing to do with the false angels of New Age spirituality and other forms of esotericism.(Youcat nr. 55)

Pope Francis on the Holy Guardian Angel

The Guardian Angel isn’t a Figment of Imagination
All of us, according to church tradition, have an angel with us, who watches over us, and lets us feel things. How often have we heard:"Well, you should do this." "That's not right." "Watch out!..."- so often!
It's the voice of our travel companion. Be confident that he will take us through to the end of our lives with his advice, and that's why people should listen to his voice, don't rebel... Because rebellion, the desire to be independent, is something we all have and it is pride, the same thing our father, Adam, had in the Garden of Eden. Don’t rebel: Follow his advice!

Angels give advice
To ignore the voice of the holy guardian angel, and thus to turn one’s back on him, is dangerous. Because no man, no woman can advise themselves. There is the Holy Spirit who advises me, and there is the holy angel who advises me. We need this. This is not some fantasy teaching about the angels but reality, it is what God told us:“Behold, I send an angel before you, to guard you on the way and to bring you to the place which I have prepared.“

Proposal for the examination of one’s conscience
Ask yourself: How is my relationship to my guardian angel? Do I listen to him? Do I say “Good morning“ to him when I wake up? Do I ask him:“Protect me when I sleep?“ Do I speak to him? Do I ask him for advice? He is on my side. How do I interact with this holy angel whom the Lord has sent to protect me and to accompany me on the way, while he always sees the face of the Father in heaven?

The Saints and the Holy Guardian Angel

  • St. John Bosco says: “Our guardian angel is more eager to help us than we are to be helped by him!“

  • St. Hildegard of Bingen says:“Angels are always at hand but they will not impose. They watch me struggle and would like to help me, but I do not call them. This is the problem!“

  • At certain times in her life St. Thérèse of Lisieux had reached a dead end in her inner life. She did not achieve any progress. Then the Lord Himself gave her the hint:“I want you to associate not so much with people but with the holy angels.“ She obeyed and things improved again.

  • St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina owed a lot to his guardian angel. He translated letters in foreign languages for him. When he suffered satanic attacks he immediately called his guardian angel for help. They fought together, prayed together, praised God, the Lord, together.

  • St. Gemma Galgani, when she went to bed in the evening asked her guardian angel to make the sign of the cross on her forehead and to watch over her beside her bed.

  • We know about St. John Vianney and St. Francis de Sales: whenever they entered a village they welcomed the holy angel of the village and the angels of the residents and recommended themselves to them.

  • Mother Mary appeared to Fr. Ludwig Cestag and told that him people should particularly invoke Her to send the holy angels to the world’s assistance. He replied that She was powerful enough to send out the holy angels without human requests. He then received the answer: Prayer is a condition intended by the will of God, and the more fervent and manifold these requests were the more powerfully She would then come with the holy angels. She added: I myself will come to the assistance of the church with a whole legion of angels and will save it.

  • St. John XXIII as a priest conscientiously prepared his homily for twelve persons, four of whom were always dozing and he said:“I prepare my teaching as if I had to speak to a full cathedral. Before I start to give my homily I turn to the guardian angels of all faithful and ask them to bring my word to all of them, also to those faithful who never come to church.“

  • St. John XXIII also said:“When I have to speak to someone who according to my knowledge is not accessible to any reasonable argumentation.... then I ask my guardian angel to inform the guardian angel of the person I have to meet about everything. Once the two higher angels have come to an agreement, the meeting will thus take place under the best prerequisites and be facilitated.“

  • In the year 1925 St. Francesca Romana was nominated as the patron of all car and motorbike drivers because she often saw her holy guardian angel during her lifetime, who warned her in time when there was a danger for her soul or a temporal danger.

Advice for Everyday Life

When we go on a journey we should greet the holy guardian angel of the vehicle driver, also the holy guardian angel of the car driver, the bus driver, the plane pilot, the locomotive guide etc. and ask him to influence the driver in the event of danger, to automatically handle the steering wheel in a way that prevents the disaster. A disaster may depend on a fraction of a second or one millimeter. By invoking the holy angels many accidents could be prevented.
Greet the holy angels of the parents, children of your boss, your employees, your workmates; with the angels of the people who live in the same house with you, in the same place, who belong to the same relatives.
When you have to undergo an operation, invoke the holy angels of all those involved, the holy angels of the doctors and nurses.
When you have to take an exam, greet the holy angels of all those involved, the holy angels of those who give the tasks, correct, assess, ask the exam questions, decide about the final result.
If you need a job, an appartment, new staff etc...., pray to the holy guardian angel of the persons who may help you. Because “God has given his angels charge of you to guard you.“
The holy guardian angels of our surroundings are literally standing in a row, they are waiting for us to engage them and are our eyes and ears. God offers his graces but does not impose them: He has sent his angels for your sake. They, however, still have to wait for your request.

Testimonies from Everyday Life

  • “We have a big isolated farm. For years we had been enemies of the neighbouring isolated farm. Popular mission came. We pretended to greet each other and talked about the weather but inside we became even more embittered. Us, the two women, made a confession with the same missionary and received the penance to pray something special to the holy guardian angels of the counter party for a whole month. We did it whether we liked it or not because we had agreed to do so. When the month was over, the hostility had also disappeared, nobody knows how! Yes, we even became best friends, the two men became one heart and one mind; us, the two women, became like good sisters; the servants like to come to our home garden, and the children are the most peaceful friends - and this has been the case for a full period of six years!“

  • “My husband doesn’t go to the pub every day, but when he goes, he comes home late at night and drunk. One priest advised me to eagerly pray to his holy guardian angel and to all the holy angels of his table companions. For some time he has been coming home at 10 p.m. already, is in a good mood and not drunk. Recently he said:“I have to go and see the doctor because of my heart; when it turns 9.30 p.m., nothing tastes good any more, something literally pushes me home, this must come from the heart!“ – “No“, said I, “I have known you for long, nothing is wrong with your heart, always go home at 10 p.m., and you will soon be healthy!“ While my husband was at the pub, I prayed the sorrowful mysteries of the rosary to the honour of the holy angels of all those present at the pub. I am personally convinced; this restlessness comes from the holy angels. – Don’t be disheartened when you have to pray to the holy angels of some people for a longer time, until you feel the influence, because the holy angels cannot and do not want to force.“


Angels experience an all-time high in esotericism but a lot of what is shown to us does in no way go together with the biblical belief in angels. Through the wave of esotericism, angels have become modern again, the market is flooded by a wave of literature and angelic products. In esotericism, angels are not creatures of God but emanations. They have messages to share, which may then be received by special “angelic media“ (Channeling). As a highlight one may also invoke angels in magical rituals to fulfill one’s personal wishes.
Christians, when possibly dealing with angels, should bear certain things in mind:

  • Any magical interaction with angels, be it through ritual invocation (fulfillment of selfish wishes), the use of angelic amulets, or the wearing of objects which are said to have been “energetisized“ by angels, contradicts Christian faith.

  • The medial interaction with angels in order to receive messages and advice from them for one’s life belongs to the field of spiritism and must not be practised by Christians.

  • The widely spread angelic literature contains esoteric ideology to a vast extent and conveys an image of God and man which contradicts Christian faith. Thus, angelic literature should always be subjected to thorough examination. (Fr. Clemens Pilar)


Morning Greeting

Oh my great holy angel, already in the morning I want to greet you full of love, you will walk with me, you will pray with me, you will teach me to have the desire for God. Thus, the day is going to be a great day, because you are with me, oh great holy angel! Amen.

My holy guardian angel, I greet you early in the morning and thank you for your protection during this night. You have woken me up for a new day, which shall fully belong to God. Be may loyal protector also today, as you have been until now. Take my hands, I fully surrender myself to your guidance. Warn me, when I am in danger of making a mistake. Show me, how I may do good. Help me to avoid this particular mistake ......., to practise this virtue...... .Be my friend and my consolation when an affliction arises, so that I my bear it courageously and that it may become a blessing for me and others. In prayer and work, in joy and sorrow, be my guide closer to God. Amen.

Greeting to The Holy Angel during The Day

Holy angel of God, my protector, the goodness of our Highest Father has entrusted me to you. Enlighten, protect, guide and lead me today. Amen.

Prayer to The Angels of Those Who Have Been Entrusted to U

Holy angels of the souls whom God has entrusted to my care: I may participate in your function, may protect these people from danger and suffering and shall lead them to God through my example and my assistance. I am encouraged by the awareness that you are equipped with more love, wisdom and power and thus support my weak efforts.
Give me the right word, when it is necessary to speak, but also teach me to patiently keep silent and to be able to wait until the seed prospers. Enlighten me, that in my care I may always choose the right means and first and foremost only strive for the good of those who have been entrusted to us in a selfless manner. Amen.

Prayer of A Sick Person to His Holy Guardian Angel

Oh my dear holy guardian angel, hard days have dawned on me. You know how much I suffer from this forced inacitivity and the pain. I know that you are with me in the hours of loneliness and despair. Remind me again and again that I want to sacrifice all my sufferings and afflictions for the sinners and that my internal and external suffering shall become a blessing for others.
Carry my prayers and sacrifice out to all those who are away from God, so that they may find home to the Father. Help me to remain patient, undemanding and considerate towards my surroundings. Through prayer I want to honour their effort.
Thus, the sickness turns into a “time of grace and days of salvation“. And should it be the bridge to eternity for me, guide me to my home by your hand. Amen.

Evening greeting to The Holy Guardian Angel

How well and faithfully have you, my dear holy angel, accompanied me through this day. I thank you for your caring love, which has protected me from certain disaster. Forgive me, that my love, in return, and my attention towards you have been so deficient. Often I missed your word and thus committed one or the other mistake. I trust in your merciful goodness which forgives me and remedies my wrongdoings before our dear God. With your assistance I have also been allowed to do good and be victorious in this or that inner struggle. Take it, carry it before God with the request, he may accept it with benevolence. And as long as I rest, protect me and in my place praise the most holy trinity with all the angels. Amen.

Prayer by St. John Vianney for a good hour of death

My holy guardian angel, today I choose you to be the faithful witness of my last will: Tell my God, when I take the last breath of my life, what I might not be able to say anymore: that I believe in everything which is taught by the church; that I detest all my sins, that I forgive all my enemies, that I place my hope in His mercy; that I readily die to no longer offend him, to take joy in Him; that I love him above all; that I desire to take my last breath in the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and to enter into the glory which he has purchased for me at the price of His Blood; finally, that I recommend my soul into his hands. Amen.

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